Marijuana Legalization, Vending and Automated Self-service Payment

January 09, 2017

Eastlake, Colo., January 9, 2017 – Just two years into the state’s experiment in the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, Colorado businesses are on track see more than $1.3 billion in revenue from the sale of weed and related products. That’s a whopping 30 percent higher than the $1 billion those businesses took in last year. One of the difficulties faced by the industry has been the primarily cash only transaction.  Employees (or budtenders) end up handling a significant amount of cash.  In any retail environment employee theft is the largest loss component for retail. Over $50 billion a year.   Recent self-service innovations have emerged which eliminate the employee from that chain. “What we’re doing with the kiosks is taking the money straight from the customer’s hands and putting it right into the vaults in our kiosks,” said Cannabis Cash Solutions CEO . “The...

Lifetime Jewelry’s® Stunning Gold Filigree Crucifix Now Available at a Special New Year Discount Price

January 07, 2017

Anyone looking for high-quality jewelry at affordable prices is in with luck this week as Lifetime Jewelry announces a new sale. One of America’s premier 24K gold fashion jewelry retailers, this company is celebrating the arrival of 2017 with massive discounts across a wide range of items, including their highly-sought after 24K Gold Filigree with a matching 24K Gold 20” Chain. Mr. Alex King, spokesman for Lifetime Jewelry, discussed this religious-inspired design and its appeal to customers in a recent interview: “This chain and pendant set is one of our most popular gold fashion jewelry items for women and men of various faiths. Not only is this a beautifully handcrafted item, is also highly symbolic for many people. We find that customers love the intricacy associated with the filigree style of design and it offers a very classical and ornate appearance. We are delighted to be able to include this gold pendant and chain as part of our...

New author releases contentious, controversial novel, regarding Second Coming of Christ, likely to ignite and have Christians in global uproar

January 10, 2017

After a lifetime of supernatural visions and manifestations, an ordinary woman, in a disenchanted marriage, begins the journey to self-discovery when God brings a new love into her life and utilizes one of her divine oil paintings to announce His destiny for the couple. The doors of communication between the physical and spiritual dimensions are opened as God sheds illumination on some of the obscure events of the Book of Revelation, using the painting as His primary tool. The couple is challenged as they come to grips with their immoral affair, while simultaneously receiving the news of their true identities - the two witnesses commissioned to spread the news of Christ during the End Times. As their epic voyage begins, Cassandra receives direct instruction from God as hidden imagery and manifestations in the painting are unveiled. Though given glimpses into His heavenly realm, she struggles with her new reality as Satan attempts to derail the two from their heroic mission.... Launches Website Offering Reviews on Leading Motorcycle Helmets

January 10, 2017

The team at is thrilled to announce that their website has launched. Now, bikers can visit the website to learn about the best helmets on the market. The company offers unbiased reviews on today’s leading motorcycle helmets, as well as a selection of reviews about scooter helmets. also offers motorcycle helmet advice, including topics such as motorcycle helmet speakers and helmet brands. has already released a wide array of reviews on today’s best helmets providing comprehensive information to help consumers choose the best helmet for their needs. In addition, the website has information and articles on Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, kids motorcycle helmets, custom motorcycle helmets, and more. According to studies, helmets can be very effective in preventing fatalities. Using properly fitting helmets designed for safety is perhaps one of the best ways to...

Katipult selected as 1 of 6 firms for Hong Kong FinTech mission

January 09, 2017

After completing a highly competitive application process, Katipult and five other Canadian fintech companies are selected to participate in the Canadian Fintech Mission to Hong Kong on January 15th - 20th! The mission was announced following the venture capital-backed investment in Canadian fintech companies hit its highest level in almost two decades. Katipult is looking to expand its presence in Asia while already boasting a regional sales office and clients in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. “We believe Hong Kong will be a major market and beneficiary of Katipult software because of its robust private capital markets” said Kien Diep, who leads business development in the APAC region. “While the regulations in Hong Kong still require clarity regarding general solicitation and online investments, there is plenty of demand for better investor management tools and we can bring our global experience to benefit these firms” said Diep. According...

Fashion Trio Takes the Authentic Boheme Mainstream at Bloomingdales

January 07, 2017

The Boheme is coming into full bloom at Bloomingdale's this season. The major high end retailer is introducing a new bohemian brand to the Bloomingdale’s family called RahiCali, created by a young fashion trio whose style savvy has taken their independent family business mainstream. Their new Spring 2017 collection, “Sunset Getaway,” is available now at Bloomingdale’s online and at store locations. 3JAINS are a young trio of fashion mavens who have taken over as the 2nd generation of their international family empire. Their stake to fame: bohemian brand , whose authentic interpretation of the boho trend relies on inspiration from their rooted Asian heritage. The traditional inspiration of each collection is combined with bohemian staples and contemporary trends  to create collections that are perfectly fitting for the modern day nomad and wanderlust dreamer. Since the release of its first...

National publication recognizes Town Money Saver as top 200 franchise

January 09, 2017

Town Money Saver, a franchise system headquartered in North Central Ohio, recently was recognized as a top franchise opportunity in the United States, according to a national franchise market research firm. Franchise Business Review published its Top 200 Franchises of 2017 on Jan. 2. Approximately 30,000 franchise owners were surveyed between May 2015 and November 2016 for the report. The brands listed in the annual publication scored highest in overall franchisee satisfaction.  “There’s nothing we’re more proud of than to satisfy those we serve ­–– whether it be franchisees, local businesses, or consumers,” Town Money Saver President Bill Zirzow said. “We believe when you serve yourself, you fail; but when you serve others, you win. That really is the essence of everything we strive for at Town Money Saver, and we hope that by serving our franchisees, they pay it forward to the local businesses they...

The Roofing, Siding and Window Industry Goes Digital with Fresh, Down to Earth Contractor Publication

January 17, 2017

The Roofing Report is the first and only free industry specific email and website based daily newsletter of its kind, geared specifically toward the roofing, siding, and window industry. The Roofing Report’s sole focus is bringing valuable industry specific news, information, and education straight to the contractor’s fingertips. The Roofing Report offers insightful articles packed into an informative website. The assortment of topics ranges from hot new product profiles, revisited time tested products, how to, customer in home selling tips, and tricks of the trade to cool tools, general and in depth product discussions and contractor education. Surveys, sweepstakes and contests are also thrown into the mix periodically to enhance the subscriber experience. Aside from purposeful content, The Roofing Report also offers a free classified ad section where contractors can peddle their wares. For a contractor trying to sell some leftover material, hire a sub-contractor,...

Materials supply specialists, American Material Supply (AMS) is bringing rubber sheets, rubber rolls and rubber strips to industrial markets.

January 10, 2017

AMS is meeting the demands of its customers’ needs is introducing an all-purpose rubber that covers most low level industrial applications.  the need for all purpose rubber sheets in manufacturing, mining, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries is on the rise due to greater expansion and economic development.  Automated machinery around the pharmaceutical manufacturing process are demanding American Material Supply's FDA, NSF and material to use as seals, bumpers and collection points in the machinery used to separate and pack medicine. AMS is also ramping up to supply rubber rolls to the mining industry to use as padding, rubber isolation and rubber seals for the fracking industry.  AMS is supplying rubber rolls to the industry for such applications as deep well drilling, off shore drilling, and upstream drilling.  AMS boasts high quality, good tensile strength and excellent wear resistance in its rubber roll material making it a perfect choice...


January 09, 2017

The very talented and artistic Slovenia footwear designer Milena Hrastnik and her equally creative husband and cofounder Dušan, plan the 2017 launch of their up and coming shoe brand Milenika Shoes into North America for limited distribution in January.    “The international demand for our product line has been absolutely overwhelming, especially in the United States”, said Dusan, “consumer’s are looking for a one of a kind style that combines superior quality with comfort. We feel we have accomplished just that and are now ready to expand the line globally”. Visit our website at: The Milenika brand, born in 2013 is already catching the attention of media, fashionistas and celebrities worldwide. In just over three years, the brand has won a 2015 ELLE Style Award, the featured runway shoe at Fashion Week Slovenia, featured articles in Vogue, including their 100 year anniversary issue and several...

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