Community Powered Web Site Adoopa Allows Users to Earn Ten Cents a Like by Sharing About Local Businesses on Facebook

July 31, 2016

There's few things more valuable to local businesses than getting honest feedback from community members across social media.  Acknowledging and recognizing this power, the new website Adoopa has launched a campaign rewarding social media users for sharing their opinions about participating businesses and inspiring social engagements.  With ten cents earned for every like, dislike, comment and share on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, Adoopa is off to a very quick start. “We're offering social media jobs to local people from local businesses,”  commented a spokesperson from Adoopa.  “It's really an idea whose time has come.  It's a win/win for everyone concerned.” According to Adoopa, signing up for a social media job on the site is simple and easy.  Both new users and businesses interested in expanding their marketing efforts are encouraged to check out what Adoopa has to offer. For... Simplifies Broadcast Monitoring Worldwide

July 30, 2016

With the overwhelming omnipresence of the internet and everyone’s love of music, information regarding radio airplay is priceless for anyone seeking to build their music brand. Radio airplay tracking is the perfect tool for any individual or company in the music industry to expand and reinforce their audience. Inc. is a private U.S. based firm that has developed a user-friendly platform which provides music clients with lucrative and creative marketing research initiatives. The company also provides insights that are personally designed to help music related companies all over the world drive profitable growth and expand to new heights. Inc., also known as DRT, is a premier radio airplay broadcast monitoring solution that tracks radio airplay of songs on over 5000+ radio stations around the globe. These stations are comprised of: Terrestrial FM (Commercial & Non-Commercial), College, Satellite as well as thousands...

Adore Cosmetics Earns Rave Reviews from Top Beauty Bloggers

August 02, 2016

Adore Cosmetics—a leading purveyor of organic skin care and beauty products—is earning very positive reviews from leading beauty bloggers who are discovering the efficacy of the brand’s exclusive plant stem cell technology. Examples include:  on the Adore Cosmetics Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Eye Mask: “When I peeled the masks off, the skin under my eyes looked smoother, and my the days that followed.”  on the : “It felt so soothing that it’s easy to want to use it again and again.”  on the  and  “Easily the easiest product I’ve EVER written about. Adore Cosmetics. Because they’re that good.”  on : “Since using this system my skin has definitely started to glow more, discolorations have decreased and my eyes look great.”  on the : 

Over 60 Musical Acts, Workshops, and Lectures at One Love Experience to Take Place on October 7-9, 2016 Matisyahu, Trevor Hall Band, and Emblem3 to Headline a Specially Curated and Diverse Lineup

July 29, 2016

One Love Experience has announced its final lineup for the Southern California music festival, taking place at the Lake Casitas Recreation Area from October 7-9, 2016. The festival has acquired world famous musicians for a weekend that blends live performances with art, yoga, workshops, food, speakers and more. Imagine a new generation of powerful musical talent performing today in 2016 with the vibe and message of Woodstock, the greatest music festival of all time. What would it look and feel like? Visionary event producers Kenneth Schwenker and Chireya Fox think they know. That’s why they created the One Love Experience -- a three-day transformational musical extravaganza where a breadth of genres composes an elite roster from rock and pop, to hip-hop, reggae, and EDM. Promising talent, alternative styles, and renowned industry heavy weights will be featured throughout the weekend to indulge the audience’s senses. Concert goers will be surrounded with inspirited...

Marcus Hiles Dallas Real Estate Mogul Generates Annual Grants for Local K-12 Schools

July 30, 2016

property investor and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, is known for his community-centric developments and establishing annual grants for local K-12 schools to help fund technology, after school programs, extra-curricular activities, and teacher training. ’ aim is to ensure all students graduate from high school with the skills necessary to succeed academically in college, which is a launch pad to economic prosperity in America. Marcus understands administrators are forced to cut these types of additional opportunities due to tight budgets and limited funding, and hopes his financial support will enable many of these critical programs to continue and strengthen the connection between community, student, and teacher. The education grants provided by are just a part of over 20 years of contributions and charity work he has offered to the area charter schools in some of the largest metropolitan areas in Texas, including Dallas. Marcus Hiles' keen understanding...

Pope Calling YouCat a “Youth Bible” Misleading for World Youth Day, Says Christian Author

August 01, 2016

A Catholic website says the Bible is “,” while showing youth on a beach reading the Catholic YouCat promoted by the pope as a “youth Bible.” That's deceptive, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, a Christian author, who explains that it's not a Bible at all, but a Catholic indoctrination that eliminates basic Bible teaching. Ruhling offers the example of its altering the Ten Commandments that can be read in Exodus 20 in a Catholic translation as well as a King James Bible, but the catechism eliminates that 2nd Commandment and divides the 10th Commandment in two (maintaining ten) because the church is full of images. They also changed the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment to Sunday when Constantine, a Roman Emperor and sun worshiper issued an edict in 321 AD to honor Sunday, but it has no Bible support. The book of Acts mentions the “first day” once, but “Sabbath” nine times and “every...

Cancer and Liars When “Talking All the Health Benefits” of Coffee, Says Health Expert

August 02, 2016

They should have looked back 35 years to the New England Journal of Medicine report.  “A strong association between coffee consumption and pancreatic cancer was evident in both sexes” in a study of 369 cases of pancreatic cancer with 644 controls. This association was not affected by controlling for cigarette use. NEJM, 3-12-1981. Two women  on ABC’s Channel 12 in Medford OR, “talking all the health benefits” of coffee were basing it  on a WHO report that ignores clinical experience, says Dr. Richard Ruhling. He’s a physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University, and offers the following contrast to illuminate this dark brown liquid. He says, When something like exercise is good for the body, it’s good many ways: it helps neutralize the “fight or flight” effects of stress, is an aid to sleep, digestion, elimination, weight loss, helps one feel good (endorphins), lowers blood...

Houston Personal Trainer Adds New Tools to His Tool belt

January 01, 1970

Brice Remaley, a local Houston TX personal trainer and owner of Brice Remaley Fitness who has over fifteen years of experience, has recently taken a Russian Kettlebell workshop by Max Shank to brush up on his kettlebell form. Brice says that “mobility and flexibility are always stressed at all of Max’s workshops and I knew he would have some great active stretches I could take back to my athletes”. While the seminar was primarily on kettlebell form it also discussed programing, selecting which exercises are safe and effective. Recognized as a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, he differs from most trainers that focus on bodybuilder type isolation training.  Instead he brings his many certificates, including crossfit and yoga, into making a fun, safe and effective blend of functional movements.  This means, as stated by Brice, “You get exciting cutting edge exercise programs designed to get you where you want to...

Curb Appeal Month Tips for Selecting a Garage Door

August 01, 2016

Timeless woodgrain carriage house styles. Colorful attention-grabbing contemporary accents. Statement-making designs with eye-catching appeal. During National Curb Appeal Month in August, experts at Haas Door recommend that homeowners open themselves --- and their garage doors --- up to the potential for endless possibilities of enhancing the curb appeal of their homes.             "The garage door is a focal point of many home exteriors so it's important to 'use' it to create curb appeal on a house," says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of from Wauseon, Ohio. "Selecting the right garage door for a home is more than just picking a durable entryway. The garage door should be an extension of the home's style and personality."             According to the 2016 Cost Versus Value Study by Remodeling magazine, a garage...

Atlanta writer/director Dena Rivera Sells "Breaking News: School Shooting" to TV One

July 29, 2016

Writer/director Dena Rivera, today announces the sale of Breaking News: School Shooting to TV One network. Swirl Films will serve as the production studio for the film, which will be produced in association with DeMar Productions. The film, based on a true story, depicts a school’s bookkeeper struggling against incredible odds in her personal life, arriving at work only to receive devastating news. While preparing to face this crisis, as well as the normal challenges of her workday, in walks an armed stranger pointing a loaded AK-47 assault rifle and declaring, “We are all going to die today.” The gunman has a plan; slaughter a massive number of children, some cops and then kill himself. He has enough ammunition to take out every living person in the building. This is more than just the amazing account of tragedy averted. It is the story of what can happen when we allow ourselves to be used for good. "We are thrilled to work with Swirl...

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