Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services Staff is 100% iLandman Certified

October 18, 2016

Every lease analyst, division order analyst, and land manager that is a part of the Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services staff has successfully completed the  training and earned a certificate! “We have specialists that have used iLandman over the years, but now everyone on our team is ready to use it to better serve our customers.  We are pleased to have our expertise in the iLandman system acknowledged in this way; it shows just how much P&P continues to strive to be the best land administration services provider to the oil & gas industry.” – Chris Pettigrew iLandman is the dominant field landman online system, and they have made great strides towards achieving the same success with in-house land departments.  Pettigrew & Pettigrew has always been at the forefront of technology, utilizing every innovation to increase efficiency and better serve our customers; from digital document management a decade...

Maplink Acquires Optilogistic, a French Logistics Software Company

October 18, 2016

Maplink, a Brazilian technology company that is a leader in geolocation and logistics solutions, announced this morning the acquisition of French logistics software company Optilogistic – which specializes in the development of logistics solutions for the European market. Movile, a global leader in mobile commerce, led the deal. The investment complements Maplink’s portfolio and will transfer to the company more than 60 customers from Europe, Latin America, North America and Africa. The acquisition underpins Movile’s and Maplink’s global expansion strategy and promises to bring benefits to customers in all the countries where these companies operate. Benefits like payments in local currency, geolocation and mobile cloud services. The acquisition was for R$ 20 million and includes expanding the teams in Europe and the Americas. The Global 3rd party Logistics (3PL) market is expected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2022 which represents a 4.4% overall... Announces the Best Offshore Providers of 2016

October 17, 2016

launched in early 2016 and has already received nearly 750 reviews of businesses in the offshore financial sector.    We are pleased to announce the best offshore companies as rated by our reviewers! Best Offshore Bank: First Citizens Bank, Trinidad and Tobago, 97% Rating Best Offshore Incorporator:  , USA, 98% Rating is a leading offshore provider specializing in offshore banking, forming offshore companies, offshore trusts and offshore IRA’s. They offer free consultations to explain offshore banking, why offshore banking is beneficial and why you might want to open an offshore bank account, form an offshore company and trust or set up an offshore IRA.  Best Offshore Registered Agent: Fincos Financial & Corporate Services, St. Lucia, 100% rating. Best Offshore Brokerage: , Panama, 99% Rating ...

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Two-Time Grammy nominated composer/trumpeter Russell Gunn

October 18, 2016

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Two-Time Grammy nominated composer/trumpeter Russell Gunn for  Jazz Instrumental Album of The Year “The Sirius Mystery” and Best Instrumental Composition “Sirius B (The Unseen Absolute)” “Russell was one of the pioneers of jazz/hiphop” – Marcus Miller “This track, Sirius B is bananas!” – Jason Moran “It’s utterly fantastic! Powerful, Bold!” – Alan Saxon “This S*** is real AF!” – Mathew Stewart Russell Gunn’s “The Sirius Mystery” is a progressive, dynamic and...

NVdrones Announces DroneDeploy Compatibility and One-of-a-Kind Instant Flight Reports

October 18, 2016

, a start-up that provides cloud-based software solutions for drone fleet management, today announced compatibility with flight logs as well as the ability to create beautiful and comprehensive flight reports at the push of a button. NVDash, the company’s flagship product that hundreds of drone companies already use to manage their fleet, is now compatible with DroneDeploy, the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones. With this update, the data from any flight flown with the DroneDeploy mobile app can be easily uploaded to NVDash within seconds. This is optimal for companies looking to automate data recording processes, monitor equipment performance, as well as explore trends in flight characteristics. “DroneDeploy shares our vision for automated, intelligent, and insightful data,” said Kevin Mukai, co-founder of NVdrones. “Not only regarding data about farms or construction sites but also regarding the drone and pilot themselves.” DroneDeploy...

Acid Stained Floors are Colorado’s New Craze

October 17, 2016

Acid stained flooring treatments are becoming an increasingly popular addition to homes in Colorado, with many long-term benefits for homeowners. These beautiful floors have quickly caught attention with consumers due to their low maintenance and striking appearance. With the changing seasons and temperatures in the Rocky Mountain Region, homeowners are more susceptible to basement flooding, water damage issues and other costly issues. Where traditional carpeting used to be the norm for homeowners, they are recognizing the cost and hassle of replacing carpet by instead capturing the beauty of their concrete by staining their basement floors. It is not only more practical but also more advantageous. The dramatic transformation of seeing a basement floor that is personalized by the color combination and finishes available to the home owner is very appealing. Similar to the popular trend of resurfacing driveways in the Spring, homeowners and those fixing and flipping are taking...

NORTH AMERICA'S GARDENS UNITE TO PROTECT PLANTS: Leading Botanical Organizations Work to Save North American Plants in a Global Context

October 18, 2016

Plants are essential to life on earth. They provide food, clothing, shelter, clean air, water and healthy soil – all that life depends on.  There are well over 30,000 kinds of plants that provide essential life support to the people of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. However, many plant species are at-risk of extinction, and need to be protected and conserved.  Recognizing this, the North American Plant Conservation Initiative released the 2016-2020 North American Botanic Garden Strategy for Plant Conservation, an updated continent-wide plan to recover, conserve, and protect the plants of North America. This initiative unites the American Public Gardens Association, Botanic Gardens Conservation International US (BGCI-US), The Center for Plant Conservation (CPC), The Mexican Association of Botanic Gardens (AMJB), and the Plant Conservation Alliance Non-Federal Cooperators Committee (PCA-NFCC) as they bring the collective power...

New Impact Windows and Doors Distributor Comes to Miami Florida to Help Homeowners with Hurricane Preparedness

October 17, 2016

Miami has welcomed new impact windows and doors distributor, Avante Windows, to sunny South Florida. Their line of windows and doors are specifically designed to withstand hurricane force winds, a reality in South Florida. Avante offers impact windows and doors from some of the most dependable names in the industry. The company free quotes to homeowners in their service area, with appointments available through the company’s website, South Florida residents are very familiar with hurricane preparedness with their countless experiences with hurricanes and tropical storms. Because of this, hurricane resistant windows and glass door products are quickly becoming the standard for commercial and residential construction. With Florida law now requiring specific levels of storm protection in new construction, builders are opting for the best choices on the market. Avante Windows understands the needs of builders and homeowners. That is why the company...

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2017 Fenestration Industry Insights

October 19, 2016

More stylish window options. Transoms in master showers. Increase in desire for privacy windows pushed by ever-narrowing lot lines. These are just some of the top trends to look for in the fenestration industry in 2017 according to leaders of Hy-Lite®.             "Our research accurately predicted that 4' x 1' transom windows would start gaining popularity during the second half of 2016," says Roger Murphy, president of , a U.S. Block Windows Company. "We're having to increase production to keep up with demand for transoms right now. This is not a regional trend. We're shipping both acrylic block and decorative glass transoms from coast to coast to handle these requests for new home construction."             Murphy relates that master showers are a prime area where builders are now including transom...

Asta Powerproject 4D Capability Showcased at BIM Forum This Week

October 17, 2016

Asta Powerproject makes it easy for construction project managers, schedulers, and superintendents to access the power of 3D BIM modelling. Already the global choice for construction project scheduling, Asta Powerproject added BIM functionality in 2015 and will be showcased in Atlanta this week at the BIM Forum. The conference on October 17-19 brings together architects, engineers, and construction pros to explore how BIM is transforming the way the “human-made landscape” of buildings, parks, cities, and neighborhoods get made. Building Information Modeling (BIM) digitally represents the physical and functional characteristics of a building in three dimensions (3D) so that all contractors and owners are operating from the same information source and can more easily and visually spot potential construction issues earlier. That insight, in turn, saves firms time and money. Conference goers will attend educational sessions on new ways...

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