Pentagon Energy Will Deploy The Most Efficient Natural Gas Transportation System In The Market

March 18, 2018

Pentagon Energy, LLC (Pentagon Energy) refers to virtual pipelines as their , an economic and safe alternative to pipeline infrastructure or where physical pipelines are not built due to economic, political, or geographic constraints. For the last several winters, pipelines across the Northeast have failed to deliver adequate capacity to meet the demand during those very cold days of increased heating demand. This scenario creates great price volatility and reliability concerns and increased emissions from other fuel alternatives. Natural gas has shown an exponential growth in consumption across the United States and pipelines in the Northeast have not been deployed at the same rate. According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2016, 42% of the operating electricity capacity was from natural gas-fired generators and 34% of the total electricity generation was provided with natural gas and this tendency continues. , manufactured by Composite Advanced...

NoviSign Digital Signage Listed in Top 100 Most Promising Retail Tech Companies in Israel

March 14, 2018

According to a recent study done by Israeli venture capital firm Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Nielsen Innovate Fund (NIF), Deloitte and Israeli retail innovation platform The Shelf, was listed as top retail tech company for digital signage. Last month, the four firms published a map of the Israeli retail technology landscape, featuring the sector’s 100 “most promising startups,” divided into 14 categories including digital signage, e-commerce, analytics, Internet of Things and payment processing technologies. “We are honored to be included in such a prolific listing.” said Gil Mazlitah, CEO of NoviSign. “Thanks to our new RFID and facial detection technology, retailers can now easily create, edit and manage advertisements and promotions that are highly targeted, real-time and can broadcast to displays based on data and viewer analytics. Using our reports dashboard users can run detailed reports that can feature viewer profiles...

Cardinal Group Management Student Properties Ranked Among Top 5 in the Nation

March 12, 2018

Properties managed by Cardinal Group Management, a Denver-based real estate management firm and one of the top ten student housing managers in the country has scored 3 of the top 5 communities in the country for online reputation.  The No. 1 student housing property for 2017 is (Charleston, South Carolina), No. 4   (Normal, Illinois), and No. 5 (Lowell, Massachusetts) have all been recognized among the .  The Top 100 Student Housing Properties by Online Reputation is an annual ranking developed by as part of its ORA™ Power Ranking based on an extensive online reputation nationwide study across various review sites. The ORA™ score, based on a scale of 0-100, is an aggregate compilation of a property's ratings across all review sites.  To be eligible for the Top 100 student housing ORA Power Rankings for 2017, a property had to register a minimum ORA score of 76 and have at least 15 online reviews.  For properties with the same ORA...

Global Digital Asset Trading Platform BitMart Announces Official Launch on March 15th

March 13, 2018

BitMart (, a global digital asset trading platform, will officially launch on March 15th, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST. Currently, BitMart has opened registration, referral and deposit functions. Trading features will be available to the users on the platform after the official launch. As a globally integrated digital asset trading platform, BitMart aims to provide diversified system functions such as spot trading, futures contract trading, over-the-counter trading, whole-network trading and decentralized trading to satisfy different needs for a wide array of investors. BitMart’s unique whole-network trading model will efficiently match the market depth of other major exchanges around the globe and provide higher liquidity.  “BitMart adopts an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture to ensure the security,...

SelfStorageAuction and iBid4Storage Merge To Form The Only Worldwide Online Self Storage Auction Company

March 12, 2018, one of America’s largest and fastest growing online self-storage auction companies, announced today they were merging with, a Global online self-storage auction company.  Both companies use an eBay-style format in which self-storage operators post pictures and videos of units up for auction, along with descriptions of unit contents. Potential buyers can bid on units via their computer, tablet or smartphone after they sign up for a free website account. The Public Sale Platform allows bidders to participate in auctions outside of their immediate area and pick up the items in the days following the lien sale. The new company will bring efficiencies and significant cost savings to self-storage facility owners worldwide, who no longer need to experience the inconvenience of on-site storage auctions. Online Auctions of abandoned self-storage units made famous through reality television shows like Storage Wars, are moving...

Don't Engage N Road Rage

March 16, 2018

Why Road Rage? Road Rage is a major issue in this country and across the world. Every day someone is a victim of road rage or as some will say, aggressive driving. The National Highway Safety Administration states that aggressive driving accounts for 2 out of every 3 traffic fatalities that occur; and up to 1,500 people are killed or injured in road rage incidents every year. Many factors contribute to road rage such as stress, uncontrolled anger, mental disorders, etc. Whatever the factor, road rage is a serious issue that must be strategically addressed. Who Are We? DONT ENGAGE N ROAD RAGE is committed to bringing awareness to this growing epidemic called Road Rage both locally and nationally. We're making stratetic efforts to effectively communicate Road Rage Awareness through partnerships, education, training, workshops, seminars and our brand  We...

The Ambit Group Hires Rocky Yavicoli as Associate Vice President of Homeland Security and Public Safety

March 13, 2018

Ambit today announced the hiring of Rocky Yavicoli as Associate Vice President of Homeland Security and Public Safety. Rocky will be responsible for guiding efforts to support Ambit’s homeland security and law enforcement clients with an approach grounded in progressive IT. “Rocky’s incredibly diverse background truly modernizes Ambit leadership; we’re thrilled he’s part of our team,” remarked Ambit CEO, Kim Hayes. A former Federal Agent who served on the Southern Texas border, Rocky approaches the federal support mission with a personal investment in his country and a resolute commitment to pioneering technology. His experience in the private sector includes roles with companies such as Oracle and Agilex, where he developed the ability to conceptualize IT solutions and successfully deliver them to clients.  Rocky is a product of environments that have shaped his authentic understanding of the technological needs of the DHS...

Top Toronto Disability Firm Wins Long-Term Disability Benefits for Client

March 26, 2018

Toronto’s leading disability firm, Share Lawyers, is happy to announce a settlement for Terry. After filing a claim because his symptoms with Crohn’s disease were getting worse, he was denied benefits due to insufficient medical evidence. Terry, aged 41, suffers from Crohn’s disease. Although he was able to work for many years, his condition worsened and he couldn’t handle his position while trying to manage his disease anymore. After his insurance claim was denied, he came to Share Lawyers for help. Terry was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in his mid 20s after noticing severe digestive issues - namely weight loss and mouth sores. Through the advice of his doctor, he was able to manage his condition with nutrition and anti-inflammatory medications for many years without it interfering too much with his daily life and work. Terry always loved computers and worked in tech support for a large media company in Toronto....


March 12, 2018

UROC Records and Music Publishing (UROC), a part of the MVP3 Entertainment Group™, is not just a publisher of music it’s a partnership for every artist who signs with the company. UROC prides themselves in transparency, integrity and honest hard work mindset to get the job done with their artists. UROC leverages their connections and the distribution arm to provide better success and more freedom for an artist to not be owned, so to speak, it's a 50/50 partnership. "You got sticks and I got a match and together we can make a fire,” says Marie Pizano, Founder/CEO MVP3 Entertainment Group™. Jeremiah Tucker signed with MVP3/UROC in 2016 when he recorded his song Hurricane. He has debuted three additional songs; White Trash Memphis, In My Hometown, and his latest Airborne Soldier since signing with UROC and these songs have been selected for use in two documentaries, a radio promo and his original Hurricane plays on FM Radio across the...

New and Emerging Treatments for Crohn’s Disease and Colitis

March 15, 2018

New treatments and therapies for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis are currently being explored with a whole range of research being conducted for treatment of these conditions, giving new hope for those looking for more efficient ways to manage their disease and ease their symptoms. The Stats Approximately are living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 104,000, live with Ulcerative Colitis 129,000 live with Crohn’s Disease

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