BUA Launches Prize & Promotion Insurance Services

July 18, 2016

BUA, LLC of Portsmouth, NH, has launched Prize & Promotion Insurance Services (PPI).  PPI will be led by industry veteran, Jack Woodbury.  Mr. Woodbury brings over twenty-five years of experience underwriting national consumer promotions for agencies and the brands they represent. According to BUA’s president, Rej Audet, “We identified the opportunity in the market and decided that the time was right to pursue it.”  Audet, who will also serve as PPI’s president, went on to say, “We are excited to have Jack on board. His knowledge of the Contingency market gives us depth from an underwriting standpoint.” PPI will focus on three main Promotion Insurance product lines.   Prize Indemnity Insurance covers prizes that are offered as part of many consumer promotions. The most common of these include: skill contests  (i.e.:...

Berlin start-up promises home security system of the future

July 18, 2016

finished work on FLARE, the ufo-shaped home security device that will “blow Canary and Nest out of the water”. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the launched FLARE on for pre-order. FLARE is said to protect your home all by itself, as it actually understands its environment. “We put a lot of emphasis on the Artificial Intelligence”, says CEO Herbert Hellemann, who built the first prototype in 2014. “We believe that home security should be smart enough to dispatch the police on its own, without you having to spend a second on it.” The “easy and intelligent” home security system uses face and voice recognition to authenticate visitors, even at night. A feature called AudioIntel™ distinguishes normal noise from suspicious sounds. This allows FLARE to take actions on its own, although users will still be informed through notifications. Standing up against the big guys

Laguna Recaps Key Milestones, Drivers to Corporate Growth Strategy

July 18, 2016

Laguna Blends Inc. (CSE: LAG) (OTC: LAGBF) (Frankfurt: LB6A.F) (the “Company” or “Laguna”), a network marketing company, today highlights recent milestones complementary to its overall growth strategy and planned entrance into the $121 billion global skin care industry. Most recently and as previously announced, Laguna signed a non-binding letter of intent to acquire the exclusive license brand name and existing inventory of CannaCeuticals of California, USA (“Canna”), a Swiss heritage company utilizing cosmeceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) for its line of revolutionary skincare products. Upon closing of the transaction, Laguna Blends will leverage its expanding affiliate marketing network to sell Canna products in North America. Per the agreement, Laguna will also receive license and marketing rights to sell Canna products in Asia, Europe and Mexico, subject to regulatory approval in those markets. In a recent clinical...

Pablo Soria de Lachica - Discusses Significance of Mexican Loan To Pemex

July 18, 2016

, world-renowned trade and foreign investment expert, applauded Mexico’s recent $4.4 billion loan to state-owned oil company Pemex. “Infusing Pemex with capital is a strong strategy in both the short- and medium-terms,” he stated. “As a result of this cash influx, the company now has the capability to adapt to the evolving challenges in the global oil market.” Soria de Lachica noted that, given Pemex’s prominent role in the Mexican economy, the company’s capacity to respond to fluctuating prices is critical. “Since the loan, the price of oil has recovered, doubling from $26 per barrel to $52 earlier this month.” According to forecasts, the cost of petroleum will continue its upward trajectory through 2025. Soria de Lachica views the international financial institution’s confidence in oil futures as further evidence that Mexico’s Pemex investment will have significant rewards. The government’s energy investment...

Ori Alon will issue Joy Permits and Open Carry permits for musical instruments at the RNC

July 18, 2016

Ori Alon, performance artist and founder of the Center for Supportive Bureaucracy, will set up an “office” in front of the RNC entrance Tuesday through Thursday. Alon will be issuing RNC delegates Playful Paperwork, including Joy Permit (valid for 6 months), Forgiver’s License (Class A&B), Open Carry permits for musical instruments, Apology Declaration, DIY Certificate of Recognition and Racism Release Forms (among others). Alon’s work is a satirical and heartfelt commentary of our faith in bureaucracy while offering an opportunity for self-reflection and compassion for oneselves and others. “My performances often give rise to unexpected conversation and connection,” Alon explains. “Recently, at a Trump Rally, I was struck by how we live in a time of extreme division -- we chronically and systematically demonize the “other” - and how badly we need to remind ourselves...

MatchTV Film Seeks Balance on Russian Doping Claims

July 18, 2016

Leading Russian public sports TV Channel, Match TV, today will broadcast a documentary calling into question the validity of the WADA independent report, expected to be issued later today, into alleged state involvement in Russian doping in sport. The Match TV film is a behind the scenes exposé of the process in which WADA has sought to pre-judge Russia's hundreds of elite athletes in what looks likely to be a prejudiced and biased report against the spirit of the Olympic Movement. The Match TV film seeks to redress the balance and introduce some fairness into the debate. Tina Kandelaki, General Producer of Match TV, commented: "The majority of Russian people and athletes are opposed to doping and support the protection of clean athletes, that is why we decided to make this film that will show our side of the story." The film introduces the story of four Russian athletes (Ekatherina Poistogova, Alexey Lovchev, Sergey Shubenkov,...

NASA, SETI Announcements Support Claims of Extraterrestrial Contact

July 19, 2016

UPDATE: Recent announcements by NASA regarding the discovery of and the probability that appear to validate the revelations made in a new book, , by RJ Teles. The book is based on information provided by high-ranking military and intelligence sources. In the book, these sources disclosed, prior to the NASA announcements, the existence of gravitational eddies and gyres in space caused by gravitational waves as well as the reality that Mars was Earth-like until intervention by an intelligent alien race. In addition, the book’s sources revealed that intelligent extraterrestrials do not communicate as we do nor do they use radio waves; a concept just recently proposed in a new SETI report, . The NASA and SETI announcements followed the release of the book indicating the book’s sources knew of these concepts before NASA and SETI, and implies the other revelations concerning intelligent extraterrestrial life made in the book are accurate as well. THE FINAL REVELATION:...

Website Choice Announces New Partnership with ServiQuest

July 18, 2016

Website Choice, a professional  web design service company offering  website design and SEO services in Miami, Florida received new partnership with Serviquest, a new business directory and store locator app ideal for individuals who are searching for nearby service providers. The partnership provides new business an all-in-one package, helping them to quickly optimize their websites and climb the business web page to the top search engines. Website Choice and Serviquest are largely recognized leaders in web design, innovation, technology, and business directory-store locator, and through this partnership, new businesses and expanding businesses will  be equipped to build an online platform that is inviting and welcoming for their target audience. We are looking to set high standards for quality customer service through our brands awareness and create positive experiences for people who are visiting  the website. This partnership expands the capability...

Woodbury University Business School Professors Collaborate on New Book Examining Spiritual Side of Sustainability

July 14, 2016

Offering insights into the complementary fields of spirituality, sustainability and ethics,  Business School professors  and  have collaborated on Spirituality and Sustainability: New Horizons and Exemplary Approaches, a new compilationpublished by Springer, with a foreword by noted organizational theorist .  The book examines sustainability and spirituality philosophically with ethics as the balancing force.  The goal, according to Drs. Dhiman and Marques, is to reveal the important intersection between spirituality and sustainability by using spirituality as the invisible guiding hand in the quest for sustainability.  Contributions cover a broad range of topics – from sustainable development and human happiness, to contemporary spirituality and environmental ethics and responsibility, to corporate social responsibility.   Essays are interwoven with real-world case studies and discussion...

Red Smoothie Factor Review Site Reviews Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss and Detox Benefits

July 18, 2016

Red Smoothie Factor review site, FatLossNew.com, examines the best weight loss smoothie recipes offered by the green and red smoothies diet plan.  The additional fat loss and detox health benefits offered by the Red Smoothie Factor diet are also explored. Free fat loss videos and reports gifts are being offered by the site. Red Smoothie Factor bonus products are available to anyone purchasing the detox and weight loss smoothie recipes diet plan through the site. See complete details, free review report, and the Red Smoothie Factor detox and weight loss video presentation at: Verified Red Smoothie Factor fat burning, weight loss success stories are presented in the video. Weight loss success results being reported include 80 pounds of unhealthy fat dropped by an Alabama women. Successful fast fat loss for men using the weight loss smoothie recipes are also covered in the presentation video. Weight loss shakes and green...

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