May 17, 2016

With value on everyone’s mind, ® - the restaurant chain known for its iconic small, square burgers - is giving fans a reason to celebrate by hosting a 59-cent day with breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Wednesday, May 18, guests can enjoy their Krystal® breakfast favorite, the Sunriser, for just $0.59 from 6 am to 11 am.  Guests can come back for the brand’s classic Krystal® burger also for $0.59 from 6 am to midnight. The 18-hour promotion is the brand’s way of bringing delicious deals to everyone no matter their favorite meal time. These offers are valid only on Wednesday, May 18 at participating Krystal® locations. “Our guests love a good deal and what better way to treat them to one than with a 59-cent Day,” said Alice Crowder, Vice President of Marketing for Krystal®. “With the success of happy hour deals every day from 2-5 pm, we decided we’d offer a little extra by adding a breakfast favorite...

Rescue One Financial Supports Rule Allowing More Consumers to Sue Credit Card Issuers

May 19, 2016

Rescue One Financial, an online firm that helps consumers regain control of their credit card debt, praised a recently proposed federal regulation that would prohibit credit card issuers from blocking customers from filing or joining class action lawsuits.  If ultimately finalized, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau rule would stop credit card issuers from including in customer contracts, mandatory arbitration clauses that prevent class action suits. Such clauses, which a growing number of consumer advocates are finding controversial, allow either party in a contract to demand that a dispute be settled by a privately chosen, independent arbitrator rather than by a court. fully supports the proposed rule because the company sees firsthand how many people accumulate massive amounts of credit card debt without fully understanding the terms of their contracts. “Signing up for a credit card or opening a bank account can often mean signing away...


May 17, 2016

If Richard Buchner has his way, the first national mathematics competition for elementary and middle school children could be held as early as 2017. That should give today’s students enough time, he believes, to improve their math skills using Albert’s Insomnia, Buchner’s patented, scalable platform of engaging, award winning math games. “Why have U.S. students’ math skills slipped to 29th place in the world and why do only 26 percent of high school graduates can do 12th grade math as part of a 50-year decline in learning trends?” asked Buchner. “It’s because they are fully immersed in new distractions and in more engaging and stimulating mental exercises. Well, now they have Albert’s Insomnia to get them reengaged and motivated to learn math skills by playing Albert’s Insomnia patented math games.” Over the past four years, Buchner has been developing and testing Albert’s...

Stretchy "Woven Wraps" Baby Carriers Provide Ergonomic Comfort and Support for Newborns

May 17, 2016

is simply a long piece of cloth that can be used in a variety of positions to carry your baby from the earliest newborn days through the toddler to preschooler phase. Stretchy Woven Wraps is a great starter wrap for newborns and young babies. is truly all-in-one baby carrier and provide ergonomic comfort and support for newborns through preschoolers on your front, hip, or back. These wraps are made out of soft cotton and can easily be shared between parents and caregivers of different sizes. Although the long length of cloth may seem intimidating at first, learning to use a stretchy Woven Wraps is surprisingly easy, it is simple to master with a bit of practice. It's versatile, too - in the basic carry, baby can go forward facing in or out, legs tucked in or out. One of the best things about a Woven Wraps is that you can tie it on in the morning and pop baby in and out all day for diaper changes, nursing or feeding, or getting into and out of the car. Woven Wraps is easy... Launches a Premier Digital Animation Learning Experience in Top US Metro Regions

May 17, 2016

As seen on Yahoo News, CNET, and more, is launching its newest service aimed at budding animators everywhere. With summer just around the corner, an informal survey of parents found growing interest among teens for learning digital animation. Now, those interested in learning this valuable skill can finally do so with a qualified instructor. Until recently, due to a lack of access to talented artists, along with little ability to create a formal training plan of their own, students had very limited choices when it came to the hands-on learning of animation skills. Beginning this summer, such issues will no longer be a problem. Now, no matter what your interest or need may be, aims to offer an authorized professional to provide it. Adults can benefit too, with offerings such as Life Coaching Sessions, Food & Nutrition Services, Fitness & Wellness Classes, and Meditation & Mindfulness Practices. In fact, is working with...

Contingent Workforce Grows: College Grads Have More Job Opportunities Than Ever But They Must Be Prepared

May 17, 2016

There’s a bright spot for college grads despite their growing student loan debt. For the first time in a decade, the nation has more job openings and increased demand for recent college grads.  According to , nearly 75 percent of employers surveyed will hire graduates straight out of college this year.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that job vacancies are still historically high at about 5.4 million at the end of February. But the type of jobs college grads end up with may not look like the ones in the past. “By 2017, it’s expected that 47% of the global workforce will be made up of contingent workers,” says Brandon Moreno, president of Corporation, a strategic management consulting firm that works with companies to effectively help hire and create systems for internally managed contingent worker programs. “These graduates may find that they have jobs that look a lot more like independent...

Beat the Heat in Durango, Colorado

May 17, 2016

When the mercury rises to triple digit temperatures across the country, , offers a reprieve from the heat.  The combination of the area’s stunning natural offerings, like the Animas River, Vallecito Lake and the San Juan Mountains, paired with the booming cultural and culinary scene make it an ideal destination for playing in the summer sun. Beat the heat and enjoy the summer season in Durango, Colorado. On the Water Nothing says summer fun like the Animas River, the town’s treasured source of entertainment, activity and ambiance. Stroll the shaded , a shared-use path that winds along the river. Celebrate in style at , an on-the-water event sure to float anyone’s boat. Cool off and catch a current while you adventure down the Animas with one of the town’s expert . provides the perfect escape from summer heat with opportunities for boating, fishing and swimming. Dip your toes into a new activity, like kayaking, paddle...

DUI Defense Lawyers Association Announces Summer Seminar

May 17, 2016

The New Jersey-based DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA) is heading out west to host its summer seminar this year. The seminar will take place from July 7 through July 9 at the Grand Hyatt in Denver, CO and has already attracted many well-known DUI lawyers as both attendees and instructors, with more signing up each day. “The 'Mile High Seminar' is a must-attend for any DUI lawyer," said DUIDLA President-elect Deandra Grant, “In such a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, DUI lawyers need to stay up-to-date with science and the law to ensure the best results for their clients." The seminar includes instruction on DUI, DUID, and criminal defense techniques from the industry’s foremost attorneys and experts. The 'Mile High Seminar' also features a tour of a marijuana dispensary and grow house. Live demonstrations of blood draws, and saliva analysis...

Progress Nutrition is the best aid for getting a perfect body shape and health!

May 16, 2016

Founded in 2007, Progress Nutrition Company has already become a world leader in sports nutrition. The company has been holding this position for multiple years. They have chosen the production of most advanced products for athletes and active lifestyle admirers to be their main activity area. These days, sports nutrition, manufactured by Progress Nutrition Company, keeps gaining popularity not only in Europe including Ukraine, but also in many Asian countries. By opening an online store, Company will promote both their own brand and sports nutrition at large as this product is a lifestyle essential part for anyone who goes in for sports and enjoys outdoor activities. Progress Nutrition Company’s online store offers all sorts of high quality and useful sports nutrition products to their clients. You can find soy or whey protein, casein, whey protein complexes, as well as creatine, amino complexes and gainers here, in a convenient electronic catalog. In a word,...

Veronica Pranzo Launches Los Angeles Exclusive Weddings

May 16, 2016

Veronica Pranzo, international event planner, author, speaker, radio host and creator of Plan Your Wedding Bootcamp, will launch Los Angeles Exclusive Weddings on May 16,2016. Los Angeles Exclusive Weddings will offer all inclusive packages to brides and grooms that want a concierge kind of service for their very special day. From locations in elegant private estates to personalized menus and from design created to impress to amazing  photo and video services, everything can be plan very easily just by contacting Los Angeles Exclusive Weddings. Say good buy to quality vendors hunting and say hello to a stress free, joyful and elegant way to walk down the aisle. All the work was done for you  and  Los Angeles Exclusive weddings is offering  peace of mind, high quality service, originality and full personalization to your wedding. “ I truly feel this is the perfect solution for who wants a Celebration Of a Lifetime, for who understand...

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