BitMinutes Announces Pre-ICO Prices and Schedules

March 09, 2018

BitMinutes Inc., the FinTech innovator and creator of the BitMinutes cryptocurrency token (exchange symbol: BMT), announces its final Pre-ICO pricing and schedule.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, BitMinutes has operating partnerships to use BMTs in financial transactions in eight countries, with agreements in place for a total of 70 countries. 

BitMinutes has also confirmed the total BitMinutes for sale through the pre-ICO and ICO periods will be 3.4 Billion BMT. The current BMTs being sold pre-ICO are the existing BitMinutes prepaid minutes product that convert automatically into tokens once the ICO is complete. Today, BitMinutes can be sent to 4 billion mobile phones as prepaid credit.

The Pre-ICO purchase period will continue to run through April 30, 2018.

The ICO price has been set at $0.02 per BitMinute (BMT). The pre-ICO purchase price continues at $0.01 per BMT until midnight Atlanta Time (U.S. Eastern Time Zone), Monday, March 12. At that time, the pre-ICO price will rise 10%, to $0.011 per BitMinute, and hold at that level for one week. The price will rise weekly at the same time Monday morning at 00:00 (midnight) until the launch of the ICO, according to the schedule below. 

Here is the full schedule, with the prices per week indicated. 

BMT Pre-ICO Price Levels (All Prices USD)

Start Date and Time


Pre-ICO Discount

Current Pre-ICO Price



Starting March 12, 2018



March 26, 2018



April 2, 2018



April 9, 2018



April 16, 2018



April 23, 2018



April 30, 2018




Visit for more information, and to set up an account and purchase BitMinutes.

BitMinutes has also announced that 3.4 Billion BitMinutes will be available for purchase through the ICO.

“We had a very successful first phase of the pre-ICO, which was priced at $0.0075 per BMT. It sold out very quickly,” said BitMinutes CEO Tom Meredith. “And interest has not abated one bit at a penny a BitMinute. We are very encouraged as we enter the new discount period.”

Meredith noted that of the total 6.8 billion BitMinutes to be issued at the ICO, half of those are not for sale. “Close to 25% are allocated to sales commissions, affiliate earnings, advisor and management team allotments with trading restrictions. 5% are dedicated to buying prepaid airtime minutes reserved for our consumers in our targeted underserved communities globally. The final 20% is reserved to fund our lending operations, as we plan to lend BMTs to deserving customers in these communities to fund local business ventures. Free money transfer and Guaranteed Lending is our core long-term business plan” concluded Meredith. 

“This ICO is important, because we have a number of business partners ready with plans to use BitMinutes cryptocurrency to launch highly affordable micro-finance projects globally,” continued Tom Meredith. “The ICO is the financing vehicle that sets all these highly profitable plans in motion.” 

About the BitMinutes Crypto-Currency

The BitMinute is a crypto-currencybacked by mobile-phone prepaid airtime minutes. Called the token of exchange that is “Better than BitCoin for billions,” BitMinutes will allow peer-to-peer cash transactions to over 2 billion bank accounts in 70 countries and prepaid top-up to over 4 billion prepaid mobile accounts in over 200 countries. Most notably, BitMinutes will facilitate the expansion of micro-credit and nano-credit lending. BitMinute ownership through a mobile wallet, and its transparent transactional records, will establish a new type of consumer credit score for emerging market consumers who currently struggle with limited access to traditional banking services.

Why BitMinutes Offer Instant Value

BitMinutes’ key innovation is to monetize prepaid airtime minutes. Billions of consumers use prepaid minutes as the world’s most utilized virtual currency today. These minutes are issued as a special purpose currency by over 300 mobile phone carriers globally, but can be used ONLY on their proprietary networks for either voice and/or data services. By making airtime minutes convertible into cash that can be transferred between any two cellphones worldwide at ZERO COST. BitMinutes can be redeemed as either money deposited into over 2 billion bank and mobile wallet accounts and/or as prepaid minutes with over 300 telecom carriers globally.

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