Darkening Times? Find Inner Calm though Meditation with Gemstone Prayer Beads from Sakura Designs

November 11, 2017

Sakura Designs, in Boulder Colorado, announces that it now offers over 500 different mala prayer bead necklaces and bracelets, made with care and intention, in the USA. These are meaningful, mindfulness gifts for the Holidays, for the whole family! are strings of 108 beads with one bead as the focal bead called a guru bead, often with decorative contrasting markers and golden or silver adornments. Malas are spiritual tools used to help keep our mind on a meditation practice, by focusing on one word, sacred mantra (tone or syllable like "OM") or intention (like the phrase "I Am Love"). The beads assist us to count the number of times we've recited a mantra, holding the mind centered, and in the moment. A spokesperson for Sakura claims "All that we ever need to feel better, is our own body, our breath, and a just few moments of silence."

Mala Necklaces are made from various materials like sandalwood, rudraksha seeds, crystal and gemstones. Each type of material is thought to have certain that subtly affect the energy of the meditator. for example is master healing stone, and many of their bracelets use an "Om" symbol. Meditation can be a helpful practice since our minds are already very busy and full these days. Malas, now offered by Sakura Designs, provide a much needed, grounding anchor. The mala are beads held with one hand, each bead moved in rhythm with the breath and mantra, to enliven and calm our busy minds.

are a wonderful accessory to meditation, which when used on a regular basis with a personal mantra, are thought to absorb the vibration of our practice, and can become more powerful or "blessed." Mala beads, can be worn around the neck, under clothes or as a and become like a close friend. Even if we don't practice meditation, we can just remind ourselves of our natural divinity by wearing one as spiritually inspired jewelry. Sakura Designs offers a complimentary brocade pouch with each necklace. Prices range for $9 for a simple wood mala to hundreds, (and they have one even for over $1,000!) for more intricate designs and rare materials. Self care is the best investment these days, and Sakura Designs is the largest and longest standing in the US, since 2005. Visit their healing mala bead collection now at !

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