Independent Vision and Production (INVISION PRO) proudly presents the documentary feature Karate in Ontario: THE UPHILL BATTLE ‘THE COST OF RAISING A CHAMPION’

April 12, 2018

INVISIONPRO is proud to presentTHE UPHILL BATTLE:The award-winning documentary feature Directed by Maria Morgunova.

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14 Amazing Experts in One Documentary!

Leading respectedand well-known instructors, referees, and judges will share their experiences and the secretsto their successin this documentary. All of these people have experienced ‘The Uphill Battle’.

Karate and the Olympics:Who Will Represent Canadain 2020?

This documentary highlights the difficulties experienced in creatingchampions in Ontario.Today, money talks so loud that a person’spaying capacity can now replacetalent, dedication, and perseverance. As the parentof a well- known championstated: ‘Today, a child’swhole athletic career depends on the pockets of the athlete’sparents – whether they can pay, or not’. With Karate becomingpart of the Olympics, this situationmust be changed!

Today, Karatefaces a real challenge, and that is: how do we make the transition from an amateursport to a professionally organized industry with the appropriate environment for raisingtrue champions? The UphillBattle attempts to cover this issue in depth.With interviews from leadingrespected instructors, referees, and judges The Uphill Battle is requiredviewing for anyone who believeskarate in Ontariois ready to move forwards.

Educational angle of the story.

The Uphill Battle addresses the subjectsof karate and a healthy lifestyle for childrenwith a distinctive Ontarian flavour. The target audience of this documentary are parents, school teachers, athletes, sports-oriented teenagers, and karateofficials at every level.

First and the unique study about karatein Canada.

Today, this film is the only availableresearch in this field. There is no centralised opened source of information about Canadiankarate or any statistics about differenttypes of events relatedwith karate. Nobody can say how many seminars, camps and tournaments are providedby different karate clubs today. There is no official information about the amount of clubs,coaches and students in Canada.Nobody knows how many childrenand adults, men and women are involved in karate. Based on the situation in Ontariothis film demonstrates the necessityof a serious officialstudy about Canadian karate, since, after all furtherprofessional development of the industry depends on it.

What the ExpertsSay!

Kyoshi SamMoledzki, Karatedo Shitokai Canada Shihau-WSKF: “This insightful documentary gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at Karatein Ontario. Many different topics are covered, and anyone interested in Karate will discoversomething unique and important in this story.”

Sensei Louis Rossi: “Fantastic Documentary. Good choice of dojo's to represent the message,all respectable, qualified instructors under the rightorganizations.”

Oleg Morgunov, Toronto Karate Junior League tournament Director: “It's impossible to underestimate the impactof this film. After the "The Uphill Battle" had been released in Sep 2016, Karate'ssituation as a sport in Ontariowas dramatically changed: the former Provincial Sport Organization lost its governingbody status; the higher ups who have been impeding the development of Karateas a Sport for many generations were dismissed causingthe sport to gain new formation in Ontario!”

Paul Dupre, martial arts aficionado and historian:“Tremendous presentation and amazing people who took part!”

About the Filmmaker. Maria Morgunovapersonally directed this documentary feature. Mariais the Director of INVISION PRO - a media companyin Toronto, Ontario.Maria’s background includes more than 10 years’experience in journalism and the film and video industryas a videographer, journalist, film editor, producer of short stories,and the directorof TV talk shows. Maria holds an MA of Arts, and has created successful stories and programsfor the corporate world, broadcast television, and PR companies.

About INVISION PRO. Independent Vision and Production is a media company located in Toronto,Ontario, Canada.INVISION PRO producesquality documentaries, B2B marketingvideos, short stories, and music videos.

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