Sentient’s EDR Software Solution provides real-time information across all endpoints for maximum security against ATM jackpotting.

March 13, 2018

Accelerite Sentient is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) system that can prevent major security threats, like ATM jackpotting, by pulling together real-time information from multiple endpoints and quickly identifying critical vulnerabilities in order to address network issues within minutes. When managing thousands of endpoints across multiple operating systems and devices, it is important to provide end users with a universal platform that displays the same consistent experience regardless of the environment and its ability to become attacked by a security threat.

As companies push the boundaries of device management by extending UEM to include other devices, such as kiosks, vending machines, and ATMs, endpoint protection must be updated with the ability to provide multiple layers of security, such as detection of tampering with the device, detection of removing components from the device, and triggering hard shut-downs on reboot attempts of the device, such as an ATM. Many predictions are pointing towards more industries adopting endpoint management software, like Sentient’s EDR software, to better analyze user behaviors, perform predictive maintenance, and implement intelligent security and threat analysis.

Several other endpoint protection products are available to the market, mainly consisting of anti-virus and anti-malware off the shelf products, but unfortunately, leave too many gaps in the overall security of the operating system to include all major threats online and in the cloud. Even some of the better detection and response solution provide real-time visibility, but leaves the interpretation and analysis of the data up to the IT management to figure out, creating an end result that’s difficult to keep updated and usable as a security platform.  

Sentient is a real-time systems management and security solution providing comprehensive visibility, detection and response for informed decision making across endpoints, including public, private, and hydrid clouds, to provide the ability to query hundreds of thousands of devices in a matter of seconds in order to find even the smallest movement of discovered threats. Sentient has developed multiple lines of defense for protection against major threats, like ATM jackpotting, by providing an instant tampering alarm, and even halting cashflow if needed.

Accelerite is an Enterprise software provider founded in 2014. Some of their corporate customers are Nokia, TomTom, AmDocs, Telekom, Disney, Vodafone and Orange.  The company activates in multiple key locations of the world, including USA, UK, Pakistan, Singapore and Australia.

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