This is Bushiken Karate: Honoring the past and progressing toward the future

March 13, 2018

The Bushiken Karate Organization hosted the Carolina Open Karate Championships, which served as the organization’s first official event in North Carolina. However, Bushiken Karate is not just a novel martial art, but one that has its roots deep within traditional full-contact Japanese karate. 

“Our style is based upon the fight tradition of full-contact engagement,” explained Shihan Mike Shihan Skinner, an 8th degree black belt and Chairman of the Bushiken Karate Organization.He is also the Head Instructor of the Skinner Dojo in Highland, New York. He continued, “We honor the traditions of the past, while at the same time adapting the art to meet the needs of today.” 

The traditions Shihan Skinner is referring to is Bushiken Karate’s direct lineage to the legends of traditional Japanese martial art such as Sosai Mas Oyama, (founder of Kyokushin) who was known for his physical ability, focused discipline, and fight knowledge and Grandmaster Shigeru Oyama, who was a student of Mas Oyama and who went on to complete the 100 man kumite (100 consecutive fights).He later formed his own style. Shihan Skinner studied under Grandmaster Shigeru Oyama until his death in 2016. 

“The loss of Grandmaster Oyama inspired me and other students of his to launch Bushiken Karate.He desired for us to stay together and we knew that we had to preserve the art and honor his teachings,” explained Shihan Skinner. He is not alone in his desire to bring those teachings to the rest of the world. 

“Bushiken Karate provides a complete system as a martial art,” said Sensei Marvin Saint-Cyr, a 4th degree black belt and Head Instructor of the Saint-Cyr Dojo Raleigh, North Carolina. Sensei Saint-Cyr continued, “Bushiken Karate is not only about karate, but provides its practitioners a total engagement of mind, body and soul.” Sensei Saint-Cyr, also a student of Grandmaster Shigeru Oyama shared Shihan Skinner’s desire to uphold his teachings and joined in the launch of the Bushiken Karate brand. 

Currently, 7 schools operate under the Bushiken Karate Organization brand: Astoria Karate Takao dojo in Astoria, New York; Bushiken Karate Velez Dojo Bronx in Bronx, New York; Greenburgh Karate Club in White Plains, New York; Bushiken Karate Monks Dojo in Hertferd NC, Bushiken Karate Ephraim Dojo in Charlotte, North Carolina; Bushiken Karate Shihan Skinner Dojo in Highland, New York; and Bushiken Karate Saint-Cyr Dojo in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

The future of the Bushiken Karate brand is bright as shown by the attendance of the Carolina Open Championship Tournament. The tournament drew over 90 martial artist from various styles and multiple states that competed under the Bushiken Karate brand. “It was a great event; well run and with great competition” as one spectator noted.

“I believe our respect for the past and focus on the future will allow for the continuation and growth of the style,” stated Saint-Cyr. 

About Bushiken Karate 

Bushiken Karate is a classical martial arts style designed for the modern day society.Training in Bushiken karate improves overall development of self-control and discipline. Our training methods prepare individuals to deal with real life situation with the confidence.Bushiken Karate offers classes for children and adults.

About Saint-Cyr Dojo

Bushiken Karate Saint-Cyr Dojo is located in Raleigh, NC and provides a full contact style serving the entire triangle area.All techniques are taught and practiced under the guidance of trained instructors. Emphasis is placed on control and respect for fellow student. Saint-Cyr strives to develop excellent martial artist and productive members of society. For more information email us at or call us at 919-526-0503

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